An overview of all patients at the clinic that can be used as priority support.

Clinic Overview

DDAnalytics generates automatic analyses and interpretations of the patients’ continuous glucose data and a clinic overview that can be used as a priority support, PRIO.


PRIO gathers all patients at the clinic in one overview. Groups composed of patients with similar glucose control are generated. PRIO thereby helps the clinic to prioritize the patients with the most urgent needs.


PRIO creates conditions to adapt the care and meet the needs of the individuals, increases quality, and saves time.

Saving time

Even if you are a specialist, you have to spend a lot of time analyzing each patient’s glucose curves to give the right treatment and recommendations. With PRIO, it only takes a few minutes.

How it works


data collection

The Patients’ glucose data are uploaded to DDAnalytics



The PRIO report is generated after the patients’ data have been uploaded to the system


Care & PRIOrization

The PRIO report is the basis for further decisions on care paths and patient visits

Clinic Overview

  • With the help of the clinic overview, PRIO, you get a tool to prioritize and book the right patients based on the patients’ individual needs and the clinic’s resources.

  • The clinic overview helps to create standardized care paths for each profile group of patients.

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