Our Offerings

Decision Support for Clinics

We offer a decision support system for clinics that provide a digital solution for advanced automatical analysis of continuous glucose data and expert treatment recommendations. Our decision support creates a digital bridge between patients and healthcare providers which enables remote monitoring and visits. With automatic and remote glucose data monitoring which highlights severe glucose alterations and identifies patients in need of urgent assistance the system can benefit both patients and healthcare providers. 

Through a secure web platform, clinics can review results across patients and time intervals. It gives clinics the ability to compare multiple time intervals, e.g. after changing the treatment regimen. Reports can be shared directly with the patient in connection with visits.

Our decision support system for clinics supports:

  • Automated real-time prioritizing of patients based on clinical needs.
  • Remote monitoring
  • Automated analysis of glucose data
  • Treatment adjustment recommendations
  • Alarm functions
  • Emergency flags for patient with unadjusted hyperglycemia
  • Secure digital communication channel with patients
  • Enables digital visits of high medical quality even during times of infection
  • Possibility also for healthcare providers to work remotely, i.e during quarantine.

Decision Support for Patients

Our decision support for patients supports:

  • Reading and uploading continuous glucose data
  • Weekly glucose summaries
  • Estimated HbA1c
  • Statistics and root causes for hypo- and hyperglycemic events
  • Analysis of basal insulin pressure which is of utmost importance for the maintenance of glycemic control during infections
  • Analysis of glucose variability
  • Alarm functions for worsened glycemic control

We offer a Patient Application for individuals living with diabetes. The Patient Application provides advanced digital diabetes care for people with insulin treated diabetes.

In order to maintain non-stop care for a never-ending disease we are developing a patient app which will be available within soon. With the application you will have access to advanced digital diabetes care which provides automated analysis of underlying root causes of your glucose excursions and provides feedback on your insulin treatment with emphasis on your successful strategies as well as suggestions for improvements.


With the Patient Screening we can analyze all the available continuous glucose data at once which is of great support for the health care providers since it will identify underlying root causes of glucose excursions and create a characterization of each patients glucose profile over time. With this service we can also assist the healthcare providers with identifying patients that need urgent support based on the alterations of glucose control since the last physical visit. All the results from the analysis can be accessed through a secure web platform through which the health care providers can review the results. Also, our Patient Screening makes it possible to compare multiple time intervals, for instance before and after changing treatment regimes, in order to identify successful treatment strategies. The reports that are generated can easily be shared with the patient in direct connection with patient visits.

Our Screening supports:

  • Automated analysis of glucose data
  • Identification of underlying root causes of glucose excursions
  • Identification of hypoglycemic patterns
  • Identification of patients with worsening glucose control and in need of more urgent care
  • Comparision of glucose control over adjustable time intervals
  • Analysis of basal insulin pressure
  • Treatment adjustment recommendations 

Benefits of using Digital Diabetes Analytics

  • Digital decision support in daily life
  • Unique pattern recognition e.g. to predict and warn in critical situation
  • Feedback on daily data
  • Proposal for improvements
  • Bridge to communicate with health care professional
Health Care Professionals
  • Knowledge of the patient status between the visits
  • Alert system for risk patients
  • Automatic analysis of large amount of data from many days
  • Root cause analysis of problems
  • Planning of treatment improvements
  • Possibility to provide digital care