Decision Support

Our decision support system provides a digital solution for advanced automatic analysis of continuous glucose data and expert treatment recommendations.

The system highlights severe glucose alterations and identifies patients in need of urgent assistance and can benefit both patients and healthcare providers in managing the disease. 

The decision support tool offers both patient reports and a clinic report. 

What we do

  • Automatic analysis of patient data
  • Summary of results
  • Prioritization of patients
  • Disease management for patients with the mobile application OneTwoDiabetes 

What you don't need to worry about

  • Overflow of patient data
  • Difficult systems
  • Lack of time for analyzing data

What you gain

  • Analysis performed before meeting with patients
  • Anamnesis ready to be copied into the Patient Record
  • Long term trend analysis
  • Identification of hypo- and hyperglycemic events root causes
  • Pedagogical patient dialogue

The Clinic Report

With the help of the clinic report, the clinic gets an overview and a tool to prioritize patients based on their needs and the clinic’s resources.

The clinic overview helps to create standardized care paths based on the patients’ glucose profiles. 

  • A single report for all patients at the clinic
  • Includes clinic overview and analysis
  • The clinic overview groups patients with similar glucose control into distinct care paths.

The Patient Report

The patient report is a tool for healthcare professionals to interpret patients’ individual glucose data.
Delivers more patient information than just looking at the patient’s glucose values over a 24-hours interval.
  • An individual report for each patient at the clinic
  • Includes various analyses of the patient’s glucose data

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