Automated individual analysis and decision support for diabetes teams and people living with diabetes

Our system automatically analyzes all data generated by continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and generates interpretations of the underlying cause of glucose excursions and treatment recommendations. 

Automatic analysis of a large amount of data

A tool for new ways of working with diabetes

Individualized care paths and prioritization for patients

Enabling specialization in Diabetes care

Turning Health Data Into Knowledge And Recommendations Through Algorithms And Machine Learning.

Decision Support For The Healthcare Sector

Our Software as a Service is a diabetes decision support system for healthcare providers to interpret Continuous Glucose Monitoring data (CGM) and enable individual care for each person living with diabetes.

The decision support automatically analyzes all data generated by CGM, generates interpretations of the underlying cause of glucose excursions, and provides recommendations on optimizing the treatment.


A service to prioritize the right patients based on the patients’ individual needs and helps create standardized care paths for each profile group of patients.

OneTwoDiabetes: Available soon

OneTwoDiabetes is an app for people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The app includes a multi-dimensional analysis with six primary analyses: Time in Range, Hyper, Hypo, Variability, Meals, and Basal Pressure.

OneTwo provides feedback on your treatment, emphasizing successful strategies and suggestions for improvements to understand why blood sugar fluctuates.

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